Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mother's Day Card Making @ MFH

This coming 30 April 2011, we will organize Mother's Day Card Making Class*  for all our customer, friends, and FB fans.

Anyone interested, please register your name to

*  RM35 per class - included materials

Scrapbooking with { FT }

{ FT no.1}

{ Our dearest mum to be , all her love for her [B] }

{ Look at Cindy !! She spend so much effort and Love here }

Last Saturday, 9 april 2011 [I] organize a scrap-booking class with bunch of {FT} at MyFlowers House.

Our {FT} included ; AiLing, Eunice, Cindy and Elsa.

Happy Mother's Day

{ Special hand made card for Mummy ! }

Mother's Day is around the corner again... Lets make a card for our beloved Mom.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It all begins with love !

{Hand made card available at MFH}

It all begins with love...
Keeping a relationship alive across the miles is not an easy task.
It takes a lot of effort and time to keep this relationship work.
The most important element is trust and caring.
Stay stronger and be positive!!


Spring is here !

{Our latest bridal bouquet filled with Viburnum and Roses in Maria Pink and Ivory}

S P R I N G is just arrived !!

MyFlowers House @ Facebook Pages

Dear all,

We are on Facebook Page. Please visit us at :

Happy browsing !


Back to My Blog !

Wow.. its more than a year I did not update my blog here !!

Its time for me to start blogging again..

Thanks you so much for all the sweet birthday wishes on my Facebook and via SMS.

My heart just filled with joy and hope.

Life is good and I could stay stronger than before.

Happy Birthday , Carrine !

Monday, July 27, 2009


Another event for MyFlowers House ...

330 couples were participated to THE PROPOSAL CONTEST at Tropicana City Mall
on 25 July 2009.

{ The Wedding Boarding Pass }

This time, we work together with The Story Book and Wedding Isle.

Wedding Boarding Pass
Couples can enjoy the privilege, benefits and discount for bridal bouquet, flowers arrangement, photo album, guest book, invitation cards, make up service, shoes, jewellries, cupcakes and many many more ...
at participating shops

MyFlowers House, The Story Book , Wedding Isle

{ Bridal Bouquets }

{ view from top}

{ The best couples }

{ Carey with bouquets}

{ couples are choosing for their wedding photo album and invitation cards }

{ Long "Q" for photo shooting session }

Everyone waiting to capture their Precious Moments with the love ones.

{ pose , pose , pose }

Enya is helping couples to capture a nice shoot

Floral stand and bridal bouquets for photo shooting

Once again, special thanks to

The Story Book , Ms Enya to sponsor photo shooting and customize calender for all couples.

Wedding Isle, Ms Sharon to giving free vouchers to all couples.

We are looking forward for more activities in future.


I am leaving soon to US for THE PROPOSAL movie with my love ones :p

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Photo Shooting at KGSAAS

First and foremost, thanks to KGSAAS !!
Thanks for providing a nice place for our photo shooting.
Its not fun to be a model !!
We woke up bout 630am and we reached the club house bout 715am. Nice weather with nice scenes. We get prepared for the arrangements while waiting for our photographer.
Shooting session started bout 805am and end at 1130am.
3 hours photo shooting + 5oo over photo taken + 5 types of arrangements + unlimited poses
My sis and I were so tired but we were enjoyed every moments, especially my jump`ng session with bridal bouquet ....
{ get ready for photo shooting... the light, flowers, bears, vases , the floral arrangements}

New Look in Flowers

I am so excited to share several changes of packaging and the new design concept for our arrangements.
If you've noticed, we had change our wrapper from tissue to paper type. However, the color of the wrapper is more darker color tone. We like to use 2 different color tone of ribbons to enhance the whole arrangement.

{ Hand Bouquet in Dark Chocolate color paper : Calla Lily, Eustoma, White and Red Roses}
* Changes No 1 - The wrapper; paper type instead of tissue type wrapper

{Hand Bouquet in Darker Gold color paper : Eustoma, Viburnum, Red Roses}

*Changes No 2 - The color of wrapper; Darker color

*Changes No 3 - The Ribbon; 2 tones color ribbon

Fruits Basket

The 2nd popular product.

Be honest, I love comments and feedbacks. I always ask my customers' comments with 3 "w". "what" , "when" and "why"

From there, I realised something. . . Quality!!! Fresh fruits, colorful flowers, Solid and unique basket, prompt service.

We also come out another new design concept for a small floral arrangement. We realised that most of the younger generation like to order a small floral arrangement with small little gifts or bears. Therefore, we decided to use box instead of basket because box is more modern concept compare to basket.

The box arrangement can be new born baby gift, thank you gift or birthday gift. We have variety of gifts to add on.

*Changes No 4 - The Basket ; Solid and unique basket * Changes No 5 - Small arrangement ; Floral in the box
Last but not least, we gonna have more new arrivals at the end of Aug 2009.
Please stay with us here for latest updates.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to MFH , 3rd July 2009

Happy birthday to MFH!!

We are 1 year old !!

... So grateful and thankful to our clients, friends and family members.

Thank you so much for all the supports and wishes; thank you for always stay with us; thank you for sharing your ideas and comments; thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you ; and many many thank you to everyone here.

Besides, we also like to have a BIG thanks to our facebook fans and our friends from HongKong, UK, Singapore, United States and Australia. We are very happy to receive the wishes from Facebook, emails and e-cards.

1 year old.... we are just like a baby. But, we are so proud that everyone recognise our creations and services.

We promised;
to deliver and provide our best services to everyone.
to bring more creation and enhance everyone's lifestyle.
For the upcoming months, we gonna have our scrapbooking and card making for our festive season celebration.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

{F} lower Basket

Another beautiful arrangement for my friend's anniversary celebration.
There are 7 types of flowers in the basket; 20 Stalks of 2 tones peach color roses from US, 8 Stalks of Red Roses, Viburnum, Burlgany Peonies from Holland, White Freesia, Blue berries.
My arrangement usually very simply and neat. I like to use dark brown color basket or wrap`ng paper for my arrangement. Besides that, I alway use cream and brown color satin ribbon to match with it. With all combination, it will always bring the classy and neat feeling to me.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Father's Day

{ Father's day cupcakes }
A box of cupcakes - best gift to treat your daddy .
{ Brownie with mug }

Having a cup of coffee and a bite of brownie ....
and a nice chat with daddy is the best thing ever!
Happy Father's day !
I love you dad !!
Thanks for your support !
Thanks for everything !
God bless !

Red Roses

I think I am falling in love with red roses. I love to mix it with peonies and hydrangeas. It looks stunning and awesome with its color.

Red Roses represent love, passion and respect. But, I myself think red roses are SEXY .


Its a best gift for your loved ones.

{ pink peonies with red roses and white hydrangea }

New Creation - # 9

{ The process of making the #9 }

Recently, I had created another floral arrangement for a birthday occasion.

Althought it looks simple but the process of making it was not as simple as what I expected. I totally under an incredible stress while doing it.

But, I enjoyed it ! and I adored it so much too :)

{ color plays important roles here... }

{ 9 pieces of Birthday Cupcakes }
I am so grateful and thankful to my special friend, Soraya. She is such a talented gal to create nice peices of cupcakes.

{ Towering Cupcakes }
I had made 2 brown color of boxes to hold the cupcakes. It looks like a towering cakes (2 tiers cakes) . Ribbon was added to create the patterns of each layer.

I had choosen 10 differents color of roses; Red, white, yellow, champagne, pink, cherry pink, lipstick pink, green, orange and purple in the arrangement. Each color has 9 stalks of roses. Total 99 stalks of roses for a special birthday celebration.
# 9 - a special number for someone special ! wish you were enjoyed your nite with #9 .